Austin 1020 Running-Sky

A NEW Running Experience!

It’s time to run ten and celebrate the distance! Ten miles is tough, ten miles is different, ten miles feels great. It’s an accomplishment to finish and a challenge to race. You can walk and wheel and join the field as the California 10/20 hits the streets. Take a detour from the usual race path and check out the cool ten mile distance!


Austin 1020 Music-Guitar

Race Information

Great local bands will rock this gorgeous coastal route and twice as many real stages than ever seen on the roads will line the ten mile course! This is a people’s race and everyone’s invited to join the party and have some serious fun. This is also a certified athletic competition and there are requirements and guidelines to follow.


Austin 1020 Bridge

Coastal North County

Experience beautiful coastal North San Diego County, CA! Run through three of the most picturesque towns on the California coast – Del Mar, Solana Beach and Encinitas. Enjoy 10 miles of incredible ocean views and refreshing breezes as you run the scenic California 10/20 course.