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Creating A Deck That Is A Work Of Art

Creating a great looking deck that is beautiful and functional will be a delight for years.  When looking at dock design pewaukee wi, the options are so vast that it may become confusing for most people.  In this guide we will talk about some of the top features you will want to look at.


When creating your deck what materials will you use?  Standard decks are made out of wood.  These wooden planks can be laid in a standard up and down pattern or you can be creative and do a cross hatch pattern, a diagonal pattern or a combination.

Other materials are brick, stone and concrete.  When using these different materials you have a lot of construction options which will allow you create a great looking deck.


The shape of your deck is also a great way to make it unique.  Traditionally decks are in a square or rectangle pattern.  To add a little more interest you can have an octagon shape, circle shape or a staggered multi-level design. 


When creating your deck where is located?  Is it around a pool or will it just be off the back of the house?  Will the deck wrap around your house or will it only take up a small section of your yard?


dock design pewaukee wi

Adding a railing or a fence around the deck is also an option.  This railing can be decorative and functional.  If your deck is off the ground different codes in your area may require your deck to be a certain height. 

Paint or stain

When creating your deck you will need to protect your material.  If using wood you will need to paint or stain your deck.  This protective layer can give your deck an attractive look as well as a layer of protection.

When creating your deck make sure to look at different designs and styles.  There are so many options that taking your time and really coming up with a plan will result is a great looking deck.