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Going Out to Drink? Don’t Drive an Automobile

Many people enjoy throwing back a few cold ones with the boys now and again. The problem is, some people think that it’s okay to drive after they do, at best don’t consider the consequences of such a decision. Don’t be among those people and put lives in danger. Keep the information below in mind to ensure a fun, enjoyable, and safe night driving with your friends.

Arrange Transportation Before You Head Out

Once you arrive at the bar, club, or party and begin drinking alcohol with your friends, you aren’t thinking clearly and may make bad decisions. Arrange transportation from the event to your home prior to leaving to ensure that a safe ride is waiting to take you where you need to go after the fun.

Arrange a Taxi

Uber and services for a Taxi Millstone NJ are easy to arrange using an app from your phone. Costs vary according to the distance of the trip, but both transportation services offer 24/7/365 service for short and long-distance trips. And, it keeps you and others on the roadways safe and secure.

Friends in the Time of Need

If you don’t have any money and no way home, call a friend rather than get in the car and attempt to drive. If you have any good friends, they’ll surely come to your rescue if you feel that it’s unsafe to drive. And, many area law firms and agencies offer sober rides to help keep people safe.

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Don’t Drink & Drive

Don’t drive a vehicle if you are drunk or have consumed alcohol. It endangers far too many people, including your own life. Don’t take these risks and make sure to plan transportation before you leave for a night of drinking fun.